General project governance to applies to most, but not all, ONF projects

Governance Model

Governance of the ONF-hosted projects is intended to foster a technical meritocracy within the context of stewardship by the Technical Steering Team (TST) and the ONF Board of Directors. ONF is a nonprofit organization. 


The goals of ONF project governance are to:


The principles of ONF project governance are in line with these community values:

In addition, the over-arching governance principle is To act in the best interest of the broader community.

Governance Structure

Each ONF project is governed by a Technical Steering Team and the ONF board of directors.

Technical Steering Team

The technical steering team is responsible for all technical decisions having to do with the ONF project and its codebases. However, individual decisions and day-to-day management is often delegated to TST members or active members of the project community.

TST responsibilities


The TST shall have authority to modify, delete and create new technical roles from time to time which are described in each projects' contribution guidelines (e.g. Contributor, Core Contributor, Module Owner). The TST also has the authority to add and remove individuals from these roles.

Becoming a Member of the TST

The initial TST members are appointed by the ONF board. Subsequently, annual elections are held to (re-)elect members. TST members must meet criteria defined by the project. Nominations for TST members are solicited prior to any vote, but they can also be made at any time to Michelle Roth <>.

Membership Elections

New technical steering team members will be elected on a yearly basis. Elections are held in the first quarter of each calendar year.

Before any election a call for nominations is made and a voting list is collected. To be eligible to vote, you must be a contributor to the project who has had at least one commit merged into the project in the prior 12 months.

Before the election, the TST may expand or shrink its size by majority vote. The ONF board of directors has veto power on the choice of size.

The election may be skipped if the number of nominees is less than or equal to the number of available TST slots.

If a TST member resigns during their term, the TST can decide whether or not to hold a special election to fill the position before the next scheduled election.