Agreed Items & Priority

  1. OTU(+ODUCn) CEP/CSEP as single point for OTU/OTSiA ConnectivityService provisioning (blocking, 1)
    1. 3R
    2. ENNI/INNI Asymmetric service provisioning for multi-domain scenarios, agree UCs.
  2. OTS and OMS model (blocking, 2)
  3. Lifecycle management of ConnectivityService at every layer, necessary to identify UCs (blocking, 3)
    1. Lifecycle management of single ConnectivityService, necessary to identify UCs
  4. MEP/MIP model vs. direct inclusion of OAM parameters in the CEP (blocking, 4)
    1. ODU OAM
    2. Photonic OAM
    3. TCA provisioning
  5. Elementary alarm (e.g. ITU-T cZZZ fault causes), including TCA related notif), current and history (blocking, 5)
  6. Photonic model capability (blocking, 6)
  7. UNI Client interfaces modelling. DSR/ODU multiplexing over ODU (not blocking)
  8. RESTCONF Response codes for use cases (not blocking)
  9. TAPI OAS, action points to be assigned (not blocking)
  10. Routing Constraints (not blocking)
  11. Physical Route (not blocking)

Discussion items

20 minsAdministrative


 TAPI Call: 2 hours

Review the updated TR-547-TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement_v1.1.docx

  • New use cases: 0d, 1g, 1h, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3d, 3e, 3f, 5d, 11a, 11b, 13b, 13c, 16a, 16b.
  • Check the agreements on scenarios 0d, 1g, 1h, 2a, 2b, 2c, 5d.
  • Link model, agree a general rule.

Karthik Sethuraman gave a TAPI presentation at O-RAN SG1, which is looking at topology and connectivity model for transport.

Ramon Casellas the plan should be:

  1. Stabilize TR-547 V1.1 for TAPI version 2.1.3
  2. Consolidate TAPI version 2.3
  3. Proceed with TR-547 V1.2 which will include some use cases supported by TAPI version 2.3

Andrea Mazzini briefly presents the updated otcc2020.AM.005_TAPI_Enhancements.pptx with the tables summarizing all use cases.

40 mins

Review the updated TR-547-TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement_v1.1.docx

  • Finalize the discussion on asymmetric scenarios

Andrea Mazzini presents the updated otcc2020.AM.001_TAPI_Photonic_Model_Evolution.pptx

  • Agreed that
    • The NEP shall include only the local capabilities.
    • The SIP shall include both local and network capabilities - e.g. DSR protocol qualifiers in figure below.

  • Agreed that TR-547 shall include the description of the "DIGITAL_OTN ENNI", reusable for all asymmetric connectivity use cases.
60 mins

Review session of draft TR-548 (Streaming RIA)

Nigel Davis presents (changes-on 3-Sep-2020)

  • The Use Cases are the key items for review.
  • Victor Lopez asks why introduce an interface strategy for TAPI, which is essentially only a model. Is ONF the right place for this subject? What about related works in other SDOs?
  • Nigel Davis the specified strategy is similar to gNMI streaming telemetry, with more refined synchronization mechanisms.
  • Andrea Mazzini recalls that TR-547 includes Restconf APIs. Is TR-548 prescribing any protocol to support streaming? Nigel Davis answers that TR-548 candidate transport protocols include “websockets” [RFC6455] and “sse” [W3C SSE], together with YANG for encoding.
  • Ramon Casellasasks whether the proposal is to replace notifications (and GETs) with streaming, Nigel Davis answers that it is a new approach, ideally replacing in future the existing paradigms. There are premises that the mechanism is more efficient, but this shall be proven by implementations.
  • Nigel Davis recalls that the uml2yang tool does not map in Yang whether an UML attribute is mandatory or not.
  • Victor Lopez proposes to have a separate call for clarification regarding TR-548 scope. Agreed.