Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative
  • Next F2F TAPI meeting, Virtual Meeting:
    • -

Call slot assignment: we were preempted by another ONF meeting (ODTN) overlapping the optional third hour

  • - Schedule a two hours call to perform all operations for delivery of 2.1.3

  • TAPI Call: 2 hours
15 mins

2.1.3 version freeze

Any issue on Github commits

Andrea Mazzini no pending commits, last ones are:

  • Nigel Davisto perform the last commits on Streaming and Topology

Agreed that no other modifications will be performed on 2.1.3 candidate. From now on, UML2YANG generation and delivery.

40 mins

2.1.3 version freeze

Any issue on Github commits

Andrea Mazzini presents UML-Yang Mapping Tool User Guide_2020_04_14.docx , with a new chapter listing all the necessary editings on automatically generated YANG modules:

  1. Add the grouping class-ref
  2. Manage leaf-list with path --> list
  3. Manage leaf with path --> container
  4. Manage the “list” in the rpc, add the key ‘uuid’

Karthik Sethuramanand Nigel Davisagree that there is a further case regarding enumerations.

  • Nigel Davisto clarify the necessary editing to adjust enumerations.

Nigel Davis in some comments the tool apparently add a tail character which has been manually removed in older modules: agreed that its manual removal is only for cosmetic purposes.

40 mins

Review of inventory use case, regarding latest discussions held in the weekly calls

Arturo Mayoral presents some slides with the purpose to clarify the detailed rules regarding Equipment location.

Summary of agreements:

  1. UC 4b - Complete Inventory model for NBI Interface.
    • Naming conventions, if the "sub-slot" is not present then its value is set to zero.
    • Reintroduced the case with two levels of holder, i.e. when a given slot-holder can hold an equipment recursively providing its holders.
    • To correctly represent this case, the equipment-location attribute will be filled with the relative information of the position in its holder.
  2. UC 4a - Introduction of references to external inventory model.
    • Agreed that the INVENTORY_ID shall report the absolute location of the equipment/port, hence may be necessary to improve the current specification:

/ne=<nw-ne-name>[/r=<r_index>][/sh=<sh_index>[/s_sh=<s_sh_index> …]][[/sl=<sl_index>[/s_sl=<s_sl_index> …]][/p=<p_index> …]]

10 mins

Selection of Next Major Release features to be replicated in 2.1.4

Andrea Mazzini highlights that TAPI "Next Major Release" includes a number of features which are not present in 2.1.x stream, e.g.

  • faultConditionDetermination in ResilienceConstraints (SNCP/I, SNCP/N, SNCP/S etc.)

Agreed that is necessary to identify the features which need to be replicated in 2.1.4

10 minsPreparation of May virtual meeting agenda

Precondition for discussion are use cases, specially for the more advanced features.

  • 2.1.4 – ODU OAM
  • 2.1.4 (?) - Multi-Layer Capabilities / Node Rule Group
  • 2.1.4 - Selection of Next Major Release features to be replicated in 2.1.4
  • TAPI Release Plan, alignment with Core IM Release Plan (e.g. IETF alignment for topology)
  • Candidate features:
    • Connectivity Service Computation Services, reuse orphan connection etc.
    • Build the Contexts
      • Maybe based on same “resources”
      • Slicing features
      • Recursive
    • Control Model
    • Spec Model