Survey period: April 25th - May 9th

Please fill in your possibilities (Yes, Probable, or No) of attending the following meetings


OIMT/OTCC 3Q 2019 Meeting

Sept 9-13

not colocated

OIMT/OTCC 3Q 2019 Meeting and ONF CONNECT 2019 Meeting Sept 9-13


OIMT/OTCC 4Q 2019 Meeting

Dec. 9-13 London

Kam LAM (CICT)YesProbableYes
Karthik SethuramanYesYesProbable
Chris HartleyYesNoNo
Nigel DavisYesProbableYes
Qilei WangNoNoNot sure now
Malcolm BettsPossiblyNoProbable
Stephen ShewNoNoYes
Stephane St-LaurentYesYesYes
Lyndon OngYesYesTbd
Italo Busi/HaomianNot likely (?)NoProbable 
Xiang YUNNoNoNo