07 January 2019



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 2019 Call Schedule 
  • OTCC TST Calls: biweekly Mondays 7-8am US Pacific time
  • TAPI Call: weekly Tuesdays 6-8am US Pacific time
  • WT Call: weekly Wednesdays 6-7 US Pacific time
  • IM: weekly Thursdays, 3-6am US Pacific time
  • DMIP: weekly Thursdays, 8-9am US Pacific time
  • (any corrections?)
 2019 F2F Meeting Plans 

F2F Meetings for 2019

  • March 18-22 Sydney - hosted by Cisco:
    • Need to prep for the logistics information, in particular the invitation letter for visa application
  • May 6-10, 2019 Beijing - hosted by FiberHome and China Mobile:
    • Thanks to FiberHome & China Mobile for volunteering the site!
  • September 2019 OIMT/OTCC meeting:
    • Current plan is to meet at the ONF CONNECT meeting with rooms available to us for parallel working tracks

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