The ONF is excited to recognize and promote the contributions of both members (Members) and nonmembers (Collaborators). Collaborators are active community members who are contributing personnel and/or resources to one or more ONF projects, but are not paying for membership and thus not receiving the additional member benefits. These companies and individuals can apply for Collaborator recognition, which if approved would result in recognition as a Collaborator on the relevant project page. 

Collaboration Benefits

What benefits does collaboration with the ONF generate?

You can learn more about the different ONF membership levels here.

Collaboration Recognition Requirements

What is required of a collaboration? The main requirement is to bring value to one or more ONF Projects and the related community. How can you do that?

Collaboration Recognition Process

The process is fairly straightforward: we want to know what you want to do, how you plan to do it, and when it will be done. 

Align Contributions with a Collaborative Proposal

You may seek alignment early on to ensure the work you are contemplating is aligned and will grant you collaborator status.  This early alignment saves time for everyone involved and increases the chances that contributions will be beneficial for the project.  

  1. Document the contribution you are interested in making by utilizing the Collaborative Proposal Template.  
  2. When ready, send your proposal to using subject format "COLLABORATION PROPOSAL from -" and add your company name. The relevant technical steering team will review the proposal and provide an initial determination. That determination will indicate the level of interest and alignment, and will probably include a number of questions. It may also include a request for a meeting to further discuss the proposal.
  3. Once the appropriate project TST signs off on the proposal, members of the ONF will be happy to help get you onboarded into the project and assist if you have any questions about the tools and processes that you should be using to collaborate. Your logo will be put onto the ONF website and appropriate project website.

Maintaining Status

  1. Your contributions will be monitored and reviewed by the project TST periodically. If you choose to complete your work in the project or stop contributing for a significant amount of time, the TST may remove Collaboration recognition. 
  2. By becoming a collaborator, you are opting-in to receive occasional emails from ONF about relevant project news and topics.  You may choose to opt-out of these communications.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at