14 November 2017



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5minsGeneral AdministrativeTo-be-removed
  • This call is being recorded
  • Next TAPI call: Next week, Nov 21, 2017

CORD-Build/ONF Interim Meeting Update

Lyndon Ong

MEF Feedback on TAPI

  • Bidirectional navigable associations
  • Others

Andrea Mazzini,

Nigel Davis

  • Andrea to followup with MEF on the status of the official liaison
  • in general objections from almost all TAPI participants to incorporating bidirectional navigability for all associations in an "interface" oriented model
  • Recommendation to escalate bidirectional navigability issue to OTCC TST

LayerProtocol Refactoring & Spec pattern

  • Merging of LayerProtocol attributes into NEP, CEP, CSEP & SIP
  • Constraining of Layer multiplicity to 1 for NEP, CEP, CSEP
  • Spec pattern usage & Spec Constraints
  • Agreed to merge LayerProtocol attributes into NEP/CEP/CSEP/SIP - this results in elimination of LayerProtocol class in TAPI
  • Agreed to Constrain Layer multiplicity to 1 for NEP, CEP
  • Agreed that introducing constraints that limits the application of <Specify> (augment) relationship is good practice
  • Rod Lu: CSEP should be multi-layer to allow for specifying/configuring lower (transport/tunnel/internal) layer adaptation properties while creating a upper layer connectivity. Example to be provided in next TAPI call
10minsEagle Uml2Yang Tool update on Literals/Constants namingBernd ZeunerAgreed to update TAPI SDK with the output of the latest Eagle Uml2Yang tool

CEP-Has-Server-NEPs relationship & CEP containment

Nigel Davis 

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