Ambassadors around the world who are interested in running specific ONOS/CORD activities in their part of the world can submit file a request to receive some funding. Each request is rigorously vetted by the Ambassador's mentor and then reviewed by the A-Team. 

1) Prepare your proposal

You can find the proposal template here: Budget Request Template.

Please click “File” -> “Make a Copy” to create your own copy.

You can put the copy wherever you like, but please make sure to share it with permission “Anyone with the link can comment.”

Please answer all the questions in the template.

2) Log in to Jira system

The username and password are exactly the same as ambassador wiki.

3) Create a budget request ticket

  1. Click red “Create” button



  1. Fill the forms according to the example below


  1. Continue filling all the required fields


  1. Click blue “Create” button and you are done

4) Steps after you submit your request

  1. Your mentor will set the Jira ticket to In Progress

  2. Your mentor will review it first and provide necessary assistance to polish the proposal.

  3. Your mentor will then submit it to the Ambassador Steering Team (A-Team) for review. All the proposals and comments are public to ensure full transparency and accountability within the Ambassadors program.

  4. Once the A-Team approves the request, an A-Team member will follow-up with you privately to process payment.

5) Steps after event is completed

Submit Budget Summary

Use the Budget Summary google doc template to create a budget summary of your event:

This will be needed in order to do proper accounting of your event and process reimbursement. 

Once you are done, please send it to william [at] onlab [dot] us and attach all relevant receipts to the email. 

Prepare event debrief

Every Ambassador who receives funding must produce an Event Debrief (ED) and share it on the Ambassadors mailing list. This helps us have a better understanding of the events and activities we have helped fund for Ambassadors and to learn from past experiences. More information on the Event Debrief can be found here.

Please create another Google Doc for the debrief. The permission of the file should be as same as the proposal - “Anyone with the link can comment.”

Upload the event debrief and mark the Jira ticket as Resolved

Please find your Jira ticket and follow the instruction to upload event debrief and mark the ticket as resolved.

If you have slides from the event that you want to share, You can follow the instruction to upload the files to Jira or put a link of the slides in the description.


Once your mentor verify all required documents are uploaded, your mentor will set the Jira ticket status to Closed.