The Ambassadors Program governance structure consists of four main groups:

  1. Ambassador Steering Team Members (A-team)
  2. Mentors 
  3. Advisers
  4. Ambassadors

Ambassador Steering Team (aka A-team)

The A-team is the Ambassador Program's 5-member body that oversees and manages the program. The A-team is tasked to ensure that the Ambassador Program runs smoothly and that Ambassadors are fully supported.  The A-team members are directly nominated and elected by the entire ONF community. Comprised of ONF staff and volunteers, the A-team has the following duties and functions:

As of April 2022, the members of the Ambassador Steering Team are: 

Past members of the A-team include:

The next A-team election is scheduled for 1Q/2023.

Electing Members of the A-team

    1. Nomination procedure. Any ONF member company representative, community member who is eligible to vote in the TST election, or active ambassador can nominate an active ambassador, including himself or herself, as a candidate to the A-team. The candidate then provides a brief introduction about his/her background and experience of the Ambassador Program.
    2. Voting eligibility. Any ONF member company (one vote per company through its representative), community member who is eligible to vote in the TST election, or active ambassador is eligible to vote in the A-team elections.

Ambassador Steering Team Meetings

The A-team meets at least once a month or more frequently as needed. Please refer to the meeting notes for instructions on how to join the meeting.


Mentors are experienced Ambassadors who provide mentor-ship to Ambassadors who have just joined the program. 

Mentors are responsible for:


Ambassador Advisers are individuals who are not active ambassadors themselves but who advise Ambassadors when their help is solicited. In particular, they provide technical guidance to Ambassadors who want to brush up their knowledge of a particular area of the ONF projects. 

To become an Adviser, please contact the A-team directly at


Ambassadors are individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about ONF projects and initiative and who want to promote these in their part of the world to build a strong local community. When joining the program, an Ambassador agrees to take on some or all of the following responsibilities:

Ambassador Life-cycle

To see a detailed description of the different phases of the Ambassador Program, click here