Once you've joined the program, here are 3 activities to get you started as an Ambassador

In some instances, Ambassadors can file a budget request to help fund a specific activity/event they're driving. 

Here's a collection (updated regularly) of great slides decks and templates (Google Doc) you can use, re-use and hack at will for your event.

If you plan to give a talk or lead a workshop about ONOS or CORD, here's a list of recommended topics and ideas.

In this section, you can find print-collateral and videos you can easily download for your event. NB: If you want to design your own collateral, make sure to follow our mini style guide here

Under construction....

Here's a great roundup of free/cheap webinars aimed at communicators for nonprofits.

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has put together a useful page with great resources on SDN. Very useful for polishing up your knowledge before conference attending/presenting!

Once Ambassadors have officially joined the program, they can request an Ambassador alias (ie. @onos-ambassadors.org and/or @cord-ambassadors.org ). To request your alias, please send an email to info@onos-ambassadors.org or info@cord-ambassadors.org depending on which domain you want, and specificy what you would like your alias to be. It will be generated for you within 48 hours. 

This is a template Ambassadors are encouraged to use to debrief other Ambassadors about an event they attended or an activity they participated in. Just copy/pase this template in an email and fill out each field. See template here. 

The official portal of the Ambassadors program can be found here: https://ambassadors.onlab.us . All Ambassadors have a login sent to them once they have joined the program so that they can create/update their profile page and use the Ambassadors Events calendar. For instructions on how to edit your profile and events on the portal, click here.