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ONF Interim Meeting Information

The ONF Interim M eeting will be held in May 201 9 in Beijing, China . We are pleased to invite you to the meeting which will be co - hosted by China Mobile and Fiber H ome .


Working Groups: OIMT and OTCC

Dates: 6 – 1 0 May 201 9

Location: China Mobile Research Institute

        32 Xuan W u Men Xi Da Jie, Xicheng District B eijing 100032 C hina

( 北京市西城区 宣武门西大街 32 创新大厦 中国 移动 通信 研究院 )


Visa Invitation Letter

I f you need an invitation letter for applying a Chinese visa, please fill the form in Appendix A , and send it to Fiber H ome contact who will send the invitation letter to you.


General Information

If you need any assistance before/during the meeting please contact:

Mr. Weiqiang CHENG
phone: +86 138 1 001 9089

e-mail: chengweiqiang


Information for Visitors:


Accommodation Information

(1) Golden Sun Commercial Hotel   


Golden Sun Commercial Hotel

Chinese name and address of Golden Sun Commercial Hotel  

85 Xibianmennei Street (Xibianmennei Dajie) ,Xidan and Financial Street Area

Phone 010-63012999

Fax   010-64755008


地址: 北京   西城区   西便门内大街 85

电话: 010-63012999

传真 010-83117376



(2) Jinjiang Inn


Jinjiang Inn

Chinese name and address of Jinjiang Inn

   NO.7 Xili, Changchun Street (Changchun Jie)

Xidan and Financial Street Area

Phone  + 400-820-9999

Fax     + 400-820-9999


地址:北京西城区长椿街西里 7

电话: 400-820-9999



  (3) The Merchantel Hotel

The Merchantel Hotel

Chinese name and address of The Merchantel Hotel

2 Xibianmenwai Street , Xidan and Financial Street Area,

phone: 010-68065588

fax:    010-68068808


地址:西便门外大街 2

电话: 010-68065588



(4) Shenzhen Hotel

Shenzhen Hotel

Chinese name and address of Shenzhen Hotel

1 Guang'anmenwai Street (Guang'anmenwai Dajie)   , Beijing West Railway Station Area

phone:   010-63271188
fax:      010-63271188


地址:西城区广安门外大街 1 号(广安门桥西北角)

电话:   010-63271188


(5) Suyuan Fenghuang Hotel


Suyuan Fenghuang Hotel

Chinese name and address of Suyuan Fenghuang Hotel

  3 Guang'anmenwai Street
Guang'anmen Bridge northwest corner

phone:   +010-6327788
fax:      +010-63451696


地址:北京西城区广安门外大街 3

电话: +010-6327788


By Taxi:

Taking a taxi from the airport or the train station to your destination, you should show the Chinese name and address of your destination to the driver. The following is the name and location of the meeting venue in CMCC:

中国 移动 通信 研究院 (天宁寺 桥西

Advice: It’s about 30 km from Beijing Capital International Airport to China Mobile Research Institute meeting venue. It will take 40 to 6 0 minutes and the fare is approximately 100 to 1 5 0 RMB depending on the traffic conditions.

By Subway:

          Come to Beijing by plane

Whether you arrive at the Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3 or Terminal 2, you need to follow the direction to take the Express Railway (Single Trip: RMB 25/per person) . I f you arrive at the Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 1, you need to walk to Terminal 2 to take the Express Railway . Y ou need to get off at Dongzhimen station , then take the Subway Line 2, and get off at Changchun Street Station. Finally, leave the subway station at Exit D and go straight to the meeting venue China Mobile Research Institute.

          C ome to Beijing by train , you should Select the subway line according to the arriving train station

Beijing West Railway Station:

You need to take subway Line 7 and get off at Guang'anm ennei Station, and along Guang'anmen Nei North Street to the China Mobile Research Institute.

Beijing South Railway Station:

You need to take subway Line 4, and get off at Xuanwumen station. And then take the subway Line 2, get off at Changchun Street Station. Finally, leave the subway station at Exit D and go straight to the China Mobile Research Institute.


          The Visitor Registration Office is in the north entrance.

          There will be our staffs help you to obtain the Delegate Certificate.

          Please provide your personal ID or passport to them.

          After you obtain the Delegate Certificate, you should enter into the Innovation Building.

          In the lobby, take the High Area Elevator on the left side to go to the 16 th floor. And please show your Delegate Certificate to the security staff, they will help you to enter the gate.

          There are signs on the 16 th floor to guide you to the meeting room.




Please fill out the following invitation letter request form, and send the filled form back to Xiang YUN ( ) .  

NOTE: Please attach a copy of your passport with your request form!


Place of visa to be issued (Country/Area & City to apply your visa)


Given name (First name)


Family name (Last name)


Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)


Gender (Male/Female)




Valid passport number


Home Address


Occupation and Job title


Name of Company/Organization


Company/Organization mailing address




Postal Code




Telephone number


Fax number


Email address


Inte nded days of stay in Beijing

From                      to   

Company/Organization to pay for traveling expe n ses


Do you need paper or electronic version of the invitation letter?

Paper letter

Electronic letter