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April 2018




Comments on the information model for media management





TSB SG15 Secretariat,

Kam Lam, Q14/15 Rapporteur,

Scott Mansfield, Q14/15 Associate Rapporteur,


Timon Sloane, ONF VP Marketing & Ecosystem,


Kevin Vachon

Reply to


Kam Lam, OIMT chair ,

Nigel Davis, OIMT chair,


Thank you for your liaison statement ITU-T COM 15 – LS 105 “LS/r Response to ONF Technical Recommendations TR-512 v1.3.1 (reply to ONF-LS27)” providing a view of your current work.

At our recent interim meeting we reviewed “Management Requirement and Information/Data Model for Media” v0.02. We have updated the information model in the current draft of TR512.A.4 v1.4 (attached) to align with this draft Recommendation and would appreciate your comments. We concluded that an OTSiA connection can be represented by a forwarding construct (FC) that encapsulates FC for each media channel (that support the members of the OTSiG) and a FC for the OTSiG-O.

We note that in the OSC is assumed to be always present, we request that you updated the model to allow management of the media to be independent of the OSC. We anticipate that the media model will be used in TAPI for some application scenarios that are not currently captured in e.g. Open and Disaggregated Transport Networks ( ODTN ) and request that you take this into account in your work.


We look forward to continuing our cooperation on the development of the information model for transport technologies. Our next face to face meeting will be held 11-15 June 2018.


Attached current draft of TR-512.A.4 v1.4