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onf2017.154IMP Work Items for future release V1.3.1: 1/2018V1.4: 4/2018V1.5: 4Q2018
Participation - L = Lead, P = actively Participate
ItemShort NameTR-512 sub docReleaseChris HNigel DKam LBernd ZMalcolm BRod LQilei WXiang YYuji TItalo BXing ZKarthik SSteve SAndrea MScott MSibylle SAugie JRick JingPriorityStart DateTarget DateBrigade Process ?Nov. Meeting DeliverableLong Description
1Controller81.4LPPPP?PFeb-18Controller model and NE deconstruction (at least some more examples)
3Specification71.4LPPP 25-SepFeb-18Spec model (with Tapi) * Especially scheme spec
4Software12?1.4LPPFeb-18Modelling of software, Good material from TMF TR-225 * And relating it to hardware and emergent function
5OAM91.4PPPPPPPL P25-SepNov-17NoOAM (called for by Tapi); For November delivery generalize whatever in the current TAPI OAM
6Resilience51.4PP?LNoResilience examples (as called for by TAPI)
8Equipment enhancements61.4L Equipment (as called for by TAPI). Chris: mix a lot of core framework with other stuff, Nigel: May need a strong story for v1.3.1 * Spec of capability; * Defining the properties of the equipment; * Equip - function
10Operation Patterns101.4LPPPPModel patterns to support operations patterns including intent, TOSCA and policy (with Boulder), query, talk next week More than just intent
12Entity lifecycle31.4PPLPPP2-OctFeb-18Lifecycle of entities (including split and join) * Dynamic view/abstraction/virtualization
15RationaleA.31.4L 2-OctNov-17 1.3 overhang: Modelling rationale, ...
16P&R Methodology1.4LPPPrune &Refactoring methodology and tooling
17UML GuideTR-5141.4PLPFeb-18UML Modeling Guidelines
18Papyrus GuideTR-5151.4PLPFeb-18Papyrus Guidelines
19UML-YANG GuideTR-5311.4PLPPFeb-18Mapping Guidelines
20UML-OAPI GuideTR-5xx1.4Mapping Guideines
22UML-Yang Gen1.4UML-Yang Generator
23UML-OAPI Gen1.4UML-OAPI Generator
25P&R Tooling1.4PL
27UML-Protobuf GuideTR-5xx1.4LP?
31Layer Examples A.61.4PPPL P?25-SepNov-17NoMore examples of layers (as called for by TAPI etc) * Defer L0 (media (photonic and wireless)) Analogue; * Focus on L1/2 Circuit; * L2/3 (inc LAG) Packet; * Multilayer etc
2Processing Construct111.5LPPP?PFeb-18NoSlide pack for TOSCAPC/Component/VNF/TOSCA * Should we continue to have ControlComponent as a specialized class of PC/Component
13Model StructureA.21.5LPFeb-18NoModel structure & model patterns, Chris: cycle of model, need architecture of the model, Nigel: need cleaning
14Topology4 1.5LPP?P25-SepFeb-18Topology stuff outstanding (IETF TEAS comparison). Fix ForwardingEntity _PAC model (should be decoration/spec); Per TAPI request, need to develop examples of usage of the topology Pacs. Consider pull this for 1.4 for TAPI needs.
21UML-TOSCA Guide1.5PPLHMapping Guideines
24UML-TOSCA Gen1.5LUML-TOSCA Generator
26Intent1.5LPP?P?P?28-SepBrigade (joint with ONOS)Could lead to use the operation patterns; could be merged into operation patterns
28UML-Protobuf Gen1.5PL?
29Party model1.5LP
30Location model1.5LP
7Layer ExamplesA.51.3.1
9IP1.5?PPIP driven by requirements from ECC/DCN ensuring we have core support (IMP, OT, TAPI brigade * Extending over time to “full” IP via appropriate collaboration and federation
11Views1.5?L?PView abstractions and virtualisation