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ONF F2F Dec 2018
SlotMonTueLeadSlot d.p (day.period)WedThuFri
1Admin / Welcome / ReviewG1G5G9S1
2R1G2G6G10Review of work item XLS & F2F action items
PriorityReaching Out ( R)General (G) - new in Bold, review as normalSummary (S)
1TOSCACompute/CPU/MemoryCH2Yang Presentation / Discussion
2OpenConfigSpec model application - generalND2
3TIPLTP Port + Port Spec and Spec EntryND3
4ONFCapability / Service / Need / Intent / Constraint …ND3
5ITU-TTAPI 2.2 (photonic & OAM)KS4
6ONAPTAPI 2.2 (Routing constraint) KS4
7Open ROADMIdentity model fixND3
8MEFControl Plane model (CC, Controller, Control Mesh, Cloud…)ND4
9IP Routing (Segment Routing)XY4
10Cloud Native (Kubernetes, Istio, Containers)ND2
11Tooling + GuidelinesBZ3
12CIM IntroductionStorage (Disk, LUN …)CH2
Ethernet Switching (bridge)
Each slot is nominally 1 1/2 hrs long (90 mins)
Do work item XLS cleanup at a weekly call the week before