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  • 2023-04-17 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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  • Regular monthly TST call

Discussion items

External Activities of Note
  • OIF Interop Demo has been postponed for 2023
    • More thought will be given to interop goals and directions
    • Any Interop is probably now 2024 at the earliest
  • ITU-T SG 15
    • Q.14 - Yun Xiang gave liaison report on ONF work
    • May discuss core model handover
    • Kam stepping down as Q.14 Rapporteur
  • MEF
    • starting study on streaming, going along with service OAM
    • OTCC/TAPI to liaise MEF on TR-548 and TAPI plans - Andrea and Nigel to work on this
  • IETF
    • Opportunities to propagate TAPI work
      • physical inventory work (Nigel will present to IETF on this, they are interested)
      • Nigel also looking at other alignment activities

 Internal Activities of Note
  •  TAPI SDK 2.4.1 approved
    • no objections from TST during Last Call
  • Core Model
    • Finish 1.6 release this year
    • Plan is to hand over Core Model work to ITU-T SG15 at end of year
    • SG15 has resources to take on future work and maintenance
      • G.7711 is the corresponding ITU-T Recommendation
      • Currently aligned with Core Model v1.5, next revision will align with v1.6 after this is completed
    • Some Core Model Team members will continue to participate in ITU-T
  • OIMT will ramp down
    • IISOMI will continue under OTCC
  • TAPI
    • no change, will continue to meet
    • still some editing to be done on TR-547 by Andrea
    • also removal of Reference Implementation in repository
    • have reopened 2.1 development stream - request to add some additional features 
      • add physical route features and OAM - will become a 2.1.4

  • Next call should be May 8
    • Thorsten scheduled to give update on xHaul Team status

Action items