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  • 2023-03-16 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Admin
  • Equipment model work plan 
  • Briefing on the lifecycle .A.15 conversation 
  • Further TR-512.8 control discussion (VMF)
  • Simplified Spec model (not discussed)
  • AOB

Discussion items





5 minAdmin


Time of the weekly OIMT call

  • Starting from 16 Februrary 4:00 - 5:00 AM USA Pacific Time (7:00-8:00 ET)
  • USA Daylight saving starts USA 12 March
  • Europe Daylight saving starts 26 March

Virtual meeting 2Q 2023 April 3-6: OIMT Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting

  • Date: 3-6 April 2023
  • Time 8:00 - 11:00 am US EST,
    • Note that daylight saving start: US March 12, Europe March 26, Australia April 2
    • Zoom link requested

OIMT Project home page

  • Recent updates
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10 minTR-512.6 Equipment ND/KL

TR-512.6 Equipment model v1.6 work plan

  • Start at the virtual Meeting discussing sections that need refinement
  • In May timeframe (May xx) to
    • Have a shallow section-by-section review of TR-512.6 
      • Add necessary appropriate covering note for each of the sections to indicate any further enhancement
  • This will give more time for the group to finish the other higher priority documents of TR-512.

Also discussed the presentation material in general.

To look at the presentation material (OIMT Presentations) to see if any of those provide significant material can be used in another . (dot) series of the core model. 

May want to add a cover slide that disclaims the material. May want to add a watermark on each slide to indicate the informal nature. 

Kam/Nigel to review repository for relevant material as candidate to be published in  the deliverable.

15 minTR-512.A.15 Lifecycle ND/MB

Briefing on the lifecycle TR-512.A.15 conversation

  • ND & MB proceeded to convert from slide format to document format
  • Terrminology cleaned up.
  • Nigel Davis and Malcolm Betts will meet around the 1 May time frame (meeting arranged)
30 min

TR-512.8 Control


Further discussed the multiplicities of the association ends among the object classes ControlConstruct, ConstraintDomain, ViewMappingFunction, ExposureContext, VmfPort, and CdPort. 

View mapping function (VMF) lightweight view:

Bottom level of view mapping: Multiple Nodal view mapping,  each is 1-in 1-out (so multiplicity = 2); normalization, simple transformation, adjacency discovery of neighboring nodal view, trivial tasks

Multiple VPs (view mapping port): *


0 minTR-512.7 Simplified Spec modelND

Simplified Spec model (Not discussed due to running out of time)

Plan of next calls

23 March

  • Controller model
  • Simplified Spec model
    • To clarify "Simplified" means more to Uniform approach and system/component pattern. That can be applyied, e.g., to TAPI connection rules, etc.


  • IETF I-D generation: Nigel will provide a pre-tool format example

Action items