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  • 2023-03-13 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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  • Regular TST call

Discussion items

External Activities of Note
  • OIMT changes
    • As OIMT core model work completes with v1.6, the intention is to hand off future work to ITU-T SG15
  • Discussion has started in IETF on enhancement of YANG metamodel
    • Nigel has draft on modeling boundaries, will be discussed in the next IETF netmod meeting
    • draft-davis-netmod-modelling-boundaries

 Internal Activities of Note
  • OTCC Web Page on ONF has been updated
    • more focus on TAPI work
  •  TAPI Blog entry has been posted under News
  • OIMT
    • OIMT core model work will complete this summer with v1.6
    • IISOMI will transition from OIMT into OTCC
    • Virtual meeting will be held in first week of April
  • OTCC
    • Working on delivery of TAPI 2.4.1 and TR-547 v2.1 (TR-548 v2.0 still applies)
    • TIP MUST participants continue to attend and add requirements input
    • Call for additional people for technical review of specification work
  • Wireless xHaul team still continuing work
    • hope to have an update next call

  • Next TST call 4/10

Action items