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  • 2022-12-22 OIMT Meeting notes (draft)
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  • TR-512.A.4 Point to multipoint update
  • TR-512.8 Control - Streaming update
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5 minAdmin


Call plan

  • Skip Dec. 29
  • Next OIMT call - Jan. 5

Virtual meeting 1Q/2Q

  • Date: 3-6 April 2023
      • Time 6:00 - 9:00 am US EST
      • Daylight saving start: US March 12, Europe March 26, Australia April 2
10 minEthernetLN

Asked whether there is a where Ethernet technology solution models have been examined.

Nigel noted TAPI work and work in MEF Presto.

Chris pointed to

Malcolm suggested G.8051 G.8052 and dot versions.

Chris pointed to

15 minPoint to multipoint MB

TR-512.A.4 Point to multipoint update

Most recent updates are cleanup especially terminology..

Added mesh topology implemented with couplers.

Massive overlap of wavelengths demonstrating that using couplers to make a mesh is not practical.

Couplers to form a tree seems reasonable as the use of bandwidth is equivalent to filter application.

Partial trees where broadcast to add-drop sites is potentially reasonable. 

Could relay via add-drop site but probably better to use a direct wavelength.

So in summary:

  • Poor solution for a full mesh using couplers
  • Good solution for trees]
  • Somewhere between the solution degrades to a point where it is not practical.

40 min

TR-512.8 Control


TR-512.8 Control

Plan of next calls

Dec. 29: Skip

Jan. 5

  • IETF I-D generation: Nigel will provide a pre-tool format example

Action items