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Please add feature that you feel are important for the next release of TAPI and also put your name (as below):

  • Photonic OAM (Andrea Mazzini )
  • Addition of route/path selection to switch and to switch control use case, to enable control over usage of the predefined routes/paths of the service (Nigel Davis Ramon Casellas )
  • Link enhancements
    • Configuration of SRLG, provisioning risk-characteristics on links, etc.  (Gabriele Galimberti Nigel Davis)
      • Enable the write access and add the related POST/PUT API in the RIA
    • Creation/Deletion of a point to point Link between two NEPs at the lowest layer (for photonic (L0) this is at the OTS_MEDIA layer) to provide a Link expectation for validation and to cover the cases where there is no link discovery opportunity (Nigel Davis )
      • This should be essentially backward compatible with TAPI 2.4.1 (note that some properties of the link need to change from read only to writable)
  • Streaming and Notification of change (Nigel Davis Hing-Kam Lam )
  • Streaming of performance data efficiently (Nigel Davis Hing-Kam Lam )
    • Including the encoding of PM data in Protobuf/gNMI
      • This should be backward compatible with TAPI 2.4.1 (confirmed August 2023)
  • Workflow (tools etc.) for development of the standard (including manual elements) (Ramon Casellas )
    • Provide a synthetic description of the necessary manual edits for the uml2yang process
  • Enhancements to existing features (Andrea Mazzini ) E.g., protection, oam etc.
    • Active Condition retrieval use case (RIA)
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