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  • 2022-09-12 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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Discussion items

External Activities of Interest
  • OIF 2023 Interop Demo
    • Still discussing TAPI version to use, some vendors are unsure of their ability to support TAPI 2.4
    • Lyndon has suggested a session to go over the details of TAPI 2.4
      • new features and progress from TAPI 2.1.3
      • status of different components
      • objective to help participating vendors feel comfortable with implementation of 2.4
      • target date 9/29
        • plan more strategic discussion than detailed explanation
    • some doubts - TAPI 2.4 implementations may differ in what components will be difficult to implement
      • people will still need to go through all of the details
      • uncertainty will be hard to change
    • could be helpful to discuss levels of support, e.g., support ported older features vs. support completely new features
      • support schema - is there enough interop value to just support older features?  proof point - identifies issues, validates 2.4 development - use OIF interop as an early testing opportunity for feedback, show nothing is broken from 2.1.3 to 2.4
        • should be simpler since information is limited, model is unchanged
        • promote/explain principles for 2.4, justify advantages
          • relationship between 2.4 and OpenConfig capabilities
      • pairwise could test extensions as well
      • identify options?  (1) schema and older features (parity); (2) newer features - list and see level of support (Nigel and Andrea)
      • discuss/get agreement on goals for OIF testing
    • Test 2.1.4?  2.1.3 with OAM and some optical impairments
      • another type of proof point, but delays 2.4 and leads to dead end
    • another suggestion is to delay OIF Interop to allow more time for implementation
      • would need discussion within OIF
    • orchestrator is still a key need, what they will support
  • Continue interaction in preparation for OIF discussion - interested: Lyndon, Andrea, Nigel

  • ITU SG15 Plenary starts 9/19
    • includes several reports, including ONF-related reports on SDN architecture, information modeling and tooling, OIF activities
    • reviews liaison statements exchanged in the past

Internal Activities of Note
  • OIMT - working on 1.6 target is October
  • TAPI - target still October, unchanged

Next TST Call
October 10th

Action items