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From 2022-06-17 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

Part of action: Review the proposed Gendoc script from Scott on retrieving the «Cond» properties of an association.

  • Andrea considered yang translation
    • «Cond» on attributes is translated into if-feature statement but with limits (e.g., OR/AND is not supported)
    • «Cond» on associations usage is limited to abstractions and conditional augmentations. This is not translated into Yang.
    • Reference by value translation loses the condition statement in the yang translation. This will have to be done by hand.
      • Many of the property conditions could be on groups of properties that are in packages and hence referenced by value and hence on member end and hence lost.
    • Note that the «Cond» works on containers and leaves.
  • Noted that «OpenModelClass» has a condition.
  • Firstly, explore all condition statement that are in other stereotypes (not just «Cond»). Fix if statements as necessary. Consider any place where stereotype information is to be printed (this requires this code). Consider code for (perhaps using several separate runs):

    • Loop over all stereotypes and print all attributes that are NOT empty/default
    • Selecting specific stereotype list
    • Printing all
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