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  • 2022-01-10 OTCC/OIMT TST Meeting notes
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Discussion items


TR-547/548 Blog Entry
  • TR-547 and TR-548 v1.1 now published
  • ONF has offered a blog entry on the new specs
  • Need to put this together and provide to Denise Barton at ONF
  • Look for an example blog entry, Andrea and Nigel will look for text excerpts we can use
  • Lyndon to check with Denise to make sure all parts of TR were published

 Proposed TST Additions

Proposed to add new members to the OTCC TST to reflect more recent principal contributors.  Additions recommended by the sub-project leads:

  • Ramon Casellas 
  • Nigel Davis

Unless there are any objections they will be added to the OTCC TST

TST Update

Proposed to check existing membership of the OTCC TST to see if some members are no longer participating and should be dropped

  • poll OTCC TST members to see if they are still participating
  • list on the ONF webpage is out of date as well
  • post a list of prior TST members on wiki

External Activities
  • 2 Liaisons from ITU-T SG15
    • SG15-LS347: LS on Management and control architecture Recommendations 
      • Consented control architecture recommendations: Revision to G.7701 Common control aspects and Revision to G.7702 Architecture for SDN control of transport networks
      • Will discuss the ONF OIMT TR-512.A.15 (Controller Lifecycle and Security) and TR-512.17 (States) in its Feb. 22 & 24 e-meetings.
    • SG15-LS352: LS on Coordination of information and data modelling work
      • Q14 on IM/DM coordination e-meetings; SDOs (including ONF) are invited
      • Interested parties should take note and consider participating
    • see []: LS on Management and control architecture Recommendations (to OIMT)
      SG15-LS352.docx []: LS on Coordination of information and data modelling work

Internal Activities
  • TAPI
    • starting review of TR-547 for TAPI version 2.3.x - scheduled as a 3 month activity starting now with dedicated calls
    • Q on TAPI call schedule - may be an error with the Tuesday call invite, seems to have been changed for 1/18 and after - Andrea to check on this
    • Note there is an overlap of TAPI Wednesday calls with ITU-T Q14 calls
    • Q on TAPI 2.3.1 release vs. pre-release, may need some clarification
  • OIMT now working on next version (1.6), virtual f2f planned for April 4-8

  • Next TST call will be 2/14

Action items