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  • 2021-12-13 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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Discussion items

Approval of new TRsLyndon
  • TR-547 v1.1
    • based on line-by-line review and clarifications/corrections
    • added some simplified OAM
    • still based on TAPI 2.1.3
  • TR-548 v1.1
    • auxiliary document adding streaming
  • Considerable amount of work - look for ways to highlight the work
    • contribution to interoperability
  • Held open for comments until today
  • only change is to make Arturo from Meta rather than Facebook
  • Any objections to approval?  None identified, TRs are approved

 External activities of note
  • Andrea - should start collaboration with IETF CCAMP on optical impairments
    • expect to have CCAMP people to start attending TAPI in the coming year in order to add optical impairments features
    • will be based on individual interest and participation
    • should help operators handle multiple environments

Internal activities of note
  • TAPI
    • will be working on a next version of TR-547
    • will add more work on OAM based on TAPI 2.3
  • OIMT
    • no report
  • xHaul
    • Blog entry still in progress

  • Need to update TST membership for OTCC
    • some members no longer in the same companies or not attending - Lyndon to reach out and see their interest level
    • definitely good to add the people that are most involved, esp. Ramon for TAPI work
    • Lyndon to reach out to subproject leaders for recommendations for TST and socialize via mailing list
  • Next call 1/10/2022

Action items