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Web Conference: 


(please feel free to correct and update your names (wink) Thank you very much!!!) 

Discussion items

00:00Chair topic 
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Next meetings

2021-09-22: Andreas Lattoch (thanks)  
                     Webex link to be shared 
                     // Martin, Thorsten and Nader not available

                    Topic will be: "Relation between planning and actual data from the network"

2021-09-29: Martin Skorupski   // Thorsten not available 

2021-10-06: Martin Skorupski

2021-10-13: Martin Skorupski

00:12MAC Example (MAC-FD #5)@Andreas Lattoch

Discussion about VLAN-ID

  * Where is the VLAN-ID related to "learned-mac-address" configured?

    * Within the device (VLAN-FC)?

    * out side of the Device - learned VLAN-ID together with learned mac address at ingress port (incoming)?

Input for Andreas

  • switch config with and without VLAN-ID-Filtering
    • without with VLAN-ID-Filtering (MAC bridge only) 
      • VLAN-ID equals to zero is displayed (at least for one vendor)
    • in case of with VLAN-ID-Filtering (VLAN bridging domain enabled) 
      • in this case case the VLAN-ID must be configured at the device.

Proposal made for 29th of September.




@Alexander Wenk


Questions during the conversion to yang.

Remaining question: How to add a clock to the CoreModel?

  • CoreModel unpruned to YANG
    • clock reference in yang is from ltp:embedded-clock only (which must be a reference)

AI Martin: Check with ISSOMI an OTIM about usage of processing construct...

AI Martin: Check with Prathiba

Sketch by Thorsten:


looking for experts


Relation between planning and actual data from the network

  • planning identifiers <-??-> network managed object identifiers
  • detailed problem description??
  • link-id into LTP - vs - handling on controller/app level - based on inventory infos - how to address the right air-interface if only the polarization is different - which cannot be remotely configured → cabling matters.  
00:00Mediator Instance Manager

Pre- Discussion happened yesterday 

  • info send by Thorsten on Monday 2021-05-17
  • in addition Thorsten will send the "background discussion slide"....

Mediator Instance Manager 

  • What is the protocol? NETCONF or REST or RESTCONF or ...
    • Working Assumption:  not decided
    • SIAE would like to decide based on efforts after analysis. 
    • UML include the "service" - but not the operational and maintenance layer
    • YAML (OpenAPI3) → UML (papyrus) → YANG → 


  • Any questions?
    • no questions


  • please see "App layer on top of the SDN controller" above.

Action items

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