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  • 2021-08-09 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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Discussion items

External activities




  • OIF
    • Met and discussed 2022 interop plans
    • Interest from 8 vendors but location tbd (China, London TIP, other?)
      • note some issues tbd with use of TIP lab, such as NDA status
    • Should identify how it fits with TAPI plans, i.e., what version to target
      • Andrea: plan is to have 2.3RC1 delivered last month, should be delivered this week
        • notification/streaming support to be added in 2.3
      • TR-547R1.1 - focus still on 2.1.3, detailed review ongoing - end-September target
      • 2.4/2.3.1 planning incorporate modeling suitable for gNPY - target end of year
  • O-RAN
    • Martin Skorupski gave an introduction in OIMT on the O-RAN work on 7/29.
      • There is the O-RAN WG-10, which is for operations and maintenance, basically is FCAPS, interfaces, information modeling, and data modeling.
      • They are using Papyrus in the modeling of topology, alarm, spec, etc., which are closely related to the OIMT & TAPI works. The group has decided to use the IISOMI guidelines for modeling - UML guidelines, UML-YANG guidelines. One of the modeling languages used is YANG. So, the group is also interested in UML-YANG mapping. Basically it looks at the works in IISOMI and OIMT.
      • Recently TAPI was introduced into O-RAN and WG-10 to check if the TAPI topology could be used as an umbrella model for all the entities which are in the typical RAN network, including not only the RAN elments but also the transport elements for mobile core network for 3GPP.

 Internal activitities



  •  TAPI
    • see previous item
  • xHaul
  • TSIM
    • attending ITU-T Q.14 virtual meeting on IM/DM coordination related to synchronization and Ethernet
  • OIMT

Next call
  • Sept. 13

Action items