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  • 2021-07-08 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Admin (5 min max)
  • Progress of v1.5 TR-512.2, TR-512.4, TR-512.5 (Nigel)
  • Review initial draft of new TR-512.A.15 Controller Lifecycle & Security Consideration (Nigel) Deferred to next week.
  • AOB

Discussion items





5 minAdministrativeKam/Nigel
Malcolm has posted the 4th version of the draft (oimt2021.MB.001-draft-TR-512.17.docx v03), which is the update per the feedback from last week's review.
10  minProgress of v1.5 TR-512.2, TR-512.4, TR-512.5Nigel

Nigel reported on the progress of v1.5.


  • TR-512.2 "Forwarding and Termination
    • Now get a process running that can prune the Papyrus model and incrementally build the document (Gendoc output).
    • Will send the .2 Papyrus and GenDoc to Kam to check
  • TR-512.4 "Topology"
    • Most of the diagrams have been done.
    • Will send the .4 Papyrus and Gendoc to Kam to check
  • TR-512.5 "Resilience"
    • Hasn't done yet.
    • Aim for next week
0 min

TR-512.A.15 (v1.6)


Not discussed. Defer to next week.

0 minNext calls

 Planned agenda items

  • Progress of v1.5 drafts  
  • Review initial draft of new TR-512.A.15 Controller Lifecycle & Security Consideration (Nigel)

Future call agenda items

  • RBAC vs ABAC (June 2021 F2F meeting Tue 1.2 ) 
  • Finalize the write up on Multi-point Media Channel (later call)
  • To recap the previous OIMT discussion on synchronization management IM (later call)
  • YANG augmenting 

Action items