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  • 2021-03-08 Monthly Joint OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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  • Regular monthly TST call

Discussion items


Note: moving to monthly schedule
  • Agreed at last call
  • Updated meeting invitation now sent out
External Activities of interest
  • OIF
    • Liaison received from OIF attaching interop demo white paper - still to be posted on liaison page
    • held joint discussion with TIP MUST potentially leading to future interop demo topics
  • ITU-T SG15 will have plenary in April 12-23
    • Q.14/15 
  • MEF
    • Project W89 draft v1.2 is currently finished with 2nd call for comment - but if any further comments contact Andrea
    • consolidates TAPI in MEF architecture

 Internal activities of interest
  •  ONF announcement on interop demo
    • Andrea sent out proposal based on OIF white paper
    • Need comments on draft back this week - then socialize within TST
    • Goal to publicize within ONF
    • TSIM/OIMT - On going cross SDO coordination on IM/DM modeling hosted by ITU-T Q14/15. Current focuses are G.8052.2 Ethernet resilience UML/YANG and G.7721.1 Synchronization (PTP and Sync PHY) UML/YANG. The goal is for the G.8052.2 YANG and G.7721.1 YANG to augment the IETF & IEEE YANG models. Q14/15 aims to consent (initial step of approval) in April 2021 G.8052.2 v1, which covers Ethernet linear protection only. Ethernet protection will be for v2 of G.8052.2. G.7721.1 will be for Dec. 2021.
    • Feedback from ITU-T Q14/15 on improving the UML to YANG mapping tools are being addressed by IISOMI. The xmi2yang code is being updated.
  • TAPI, xHaul projects continuing work

Other business
  • Next call April 12th - could be postponed due to ITU-T unless there is any pressing issue - note Apr 5 and 19 bad also
    • if needed could start 1 hour later
  • Postpone to May 10th unless something comes up - keep posted for any changes

Action items