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  • 2021-02-08 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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  • regular TST Call

Discussion items

Update on OIF TAPI testingLyndon

 New meeting scheduleLyndon 
  •  Propose to hold TST Calls once a month on the 2nd Monday of the month
    • easier to remember than every 4 weeks
    • can still call interim TST calls if an issue comes up
    • any thoughts, comments?
      • need to make sure invitation includes password (Lyndon)

Update to OTCC siteLyndon
  • OTCC site needs updating
    • have updated the zoom link
    • updated the subproject names to switch wireless to xHaul
    • need to revisit TST membership, some members no longer active? - to be discussed with subproject leads
      • offline discussion through email, pull together proposal before next TST Call

Other external and internal activities of noteAll
  • Current focus on TAPI is building 2.3, main input from Telefonica on new use cases on connectivity and OAM and alarming
  • In xHaul, continuing to meet weekly on Wednesday, also Tuesday and Thursday with participation from application providers, continuing to work on models and discussion of architecture and protocols.  Results have been going into github.  Planning on TR-532v2 update hopefully around 3Q2021, which would reference information model work.  Active participation in the group.  Considering physical, wire, ethernet interfaces up to vlan, and remote procedure to the device.  Doing implementation as well as specification, including an interface validator being continuously updated.  Very good coverage and completeness, including device requirements such as power ranges, implementations reaching high level of maturity.  Controller testing up to 1,500 devices, aiming at migration to cloud for greater resources up to 6-8000 devices in 1Q and 42K devices in 3Q, where aim is to have 5-8 applications running on live network.  Adding to CIM for equipment to incorporate transmitter equipment.  Created a number of augments to LTP model such as association to equipment.  Covering 95% of configuration activities for microwave device.
    • Q. on consideration of MEF specifications on Ethernet - maybe further discussion offline with Andrea and Thorsten
    • Currently 6 device types from 4 vendors supporting the management interface now available
  • TSIM/OIMT - On going cross SDO coordination on IM/DM modeling hosted by ITU-T Q14/15, which members of TAPI & TSIM have been participating. Current focuses are G.8052.2 Ethernet linear protection UML/YANG and G.7721.1 Synchronization (PTP and Sync PHY) UML/YANG. The goal is for the G.8052.2 YANG and G.7721.1 YANG to augment the IETF & IEEE YANG models.  
  • Feedback from ITU-T Q14/15 on improving the UML to YANG mapping tools are being addressed by IISOMI.

Any other business

Next call
  • with new schedule this would be March 8, 2021

Action items