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  • 2020-12-07 OIMT/OTCC TST Call Meeting notes
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Discussion items

External Activities
  • OIF Demo
  • MEF
    • restarting project w89 - continuing to bring TAPI into MEF
    • people still looking for Presto solutions, need YANG modules for different features
    • will be helpful to have TAPI-based Presto modeling that can be base
  • O-RAN
    • still interest mapping tools, not clear how they will progress
      • maybe some guidelines being used in Ethernet OAM modeling might be helpful?
    • initial core IM/DM document should be published soon
      • check with Tracy and Martin on status

 Internal Activities
  • OIMT
    • held virtual meetings, will review action items on Thursday
  • TAPI
    • working on definition and model for next major release
    • identifying necessary items for delivery - progress looks good so far
    • issues include reference implementation details, adding complexity
    • timeframe still tbd
  • xHaul
    • nothing presented

Next TST Call
  • On schedule would be 1/4 - probably not much happening
  • Postpone to 2/1? Agreed

Action items