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  • 2020-09-21 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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Discussion items

External Activities
  • OIF Interop (Lyndon, Jonathan)
    • testing is in progress, will go another 4 weeks
    • results currently within group but will be shared by presentation and white paper later
  • ITU-T Liaisons (Kam) - copied to us for information
    • , there will be 3 incoming liaison statements from the SG15 meeting (September 7-18).

      • To OIMT & OTCC: Updates to Recommendations on Media network
        • Consent of Amendments to G.807 (Optical media network architecture) and G.872 (OTN architecture)
        • Progress of G.876 (Management requirement and IM of media)
        • New Supplement G.Suppl-media-im-example
      • To OIMT & OTCC: Consent of new Recommendations on Metro Transport Network
        • G.8310 “Architecture of the metro transport network”
        • G.8312 “Interfaces for a metro transport network”
      • To ONF: Coordination of Ethernet information and data modelling work
        • Invitation to IEEE 802.1, 802.3, ONF, MEF, IETF, BBF, TM Forum to participate in a series virtual meeting on IM/DM modeling coordination

 Internal Activities
  • TAPI group (Andrea)
    • TAPI group is organizing two virtual sessions, three days/ 6 hours each, tentative dates Oct. 19/29/21 and Nov. 09/10/11 to progress work
    • Draft agenda at first draft agenda [] (contributed by Arturo)
    • Working on completion of TR-548 (RIA-Streaming), yang2oas tooling

Next call
  • Next TST call scheduled for Oct 12th

Action items