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  • 2020-08-17 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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  • Regular TST Call

Discussion items

  • Check if 4 week schedule has introduced any issues
    • no issues so far, may be easier for people to attend

External Activities Jonathan, Karthik, Kam
  • OIF Interop 
    • Test lab being set up, testing to start in September
    • working on test specs and white paper
    • ONF TR-547 is a major resource
  • MEF
    • reorganizing, recognizing impact of cloud-based, overlay services (e.g., SD-WAN)
    • network services mainly done
    • some focus on Sonata BSS-BSS reference point
    • should be complementary to ONF work
  • Liaison from MEF to OIMT on Network Slicing
    • Will be discussed in the OIMT call
    • See ONF liaisons page: Liaisons
    • Karthik noted that we should provide any comments soon, within 3 weeks if possible - document is in CFC stage

Internal ActivitiesLyndon

Other Business
  • None

Next Call
  • Schedule would be Sept. 14th - conflicts with ITU meeting, propose to move it to Sept 21st instead

Action items