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  • 2020-07-20 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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Discussion items

External Activities

Jonathan Sadler,

Thorsten Heinze

  • OIF Demo (Jonathan)
    • Interop Demo testing to start in late August/early September
    • equipment in place in labs, more on the way (limited by COVID to existing chassis)
    • finishing work on use cases, including both TAPI and OpenConfig
  • Telefonica (Thorsten) testing based on TR-532
    • as part of 5G xHaul work, have regular meetings with participating vendors
    • pushing forward modeling based on TR-532
    • amendments created
    • since June last year, vendors are implementing
    • since December last year, using mediators for automated testing in laboratory
    • checking completeness and structure alignment, now configuration, status, performance, alarms and capability value range as per TR-532
    • monthly SW release cycle taking into account findings from testing, rapid quality increase
    • also improving on Netconf and Restconf spec treatment of alarms for carrier grade operation
    • installed SDN Controller and 2 mediators in live network for testing of load and performance, rapid progress being made on multi-vendor interoperability in their network - very significant and visible in their network
    • target is to reference results in TR-532 - see github/openbackhaul site:
    • any ways to make this visible to ONF leadership?  

 Internal Activities

Andrea Mazzini, 

Nigel Davis

Kam Lam

  • TR-547 update (Andrea)
    • still getting comments, additional review at tomorrow's TAPI call
    • comments look easily resolvable 
    • expect an updated version in about a week, can do TST poll after this
  • TR-548 update (Nigel)
    • addressing comments on streaming
  • TSIM (Kam)
    • On Ethernet OAM, issues from translating G.8052.1 UML into YANG for augmenting IEEEE 802.1Q CFM YANG are being discussed in IISOMI and the Q.14 IM/DM coordination call. It is expected that the UML-YANG mapping guidelines TR-531 and the mapping tool need to be updated.

Next call
  • TST Call schedule (Lyndon)
    • every 4 weeks?  general support - Lyndon to update calendar notice and send this out
    • next TST call will be August 17th

Action items