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  • 2020-06-08 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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Discussion items

Open Session
  • Kam - CLA Issue
    • for IISOMI, there are people from other SDOs involved, do they need to sign CLA?
    • opinion in IISOMI is no, this is not necessary
    • however this is managed under OIMT, anything put on ONF Site would be a kind of ONF contribution
    • we want to encourage the activity, not put obstacles in the path of people participating
    • Italo - maybe contribution from another SDO could be covered by that SDO's license
      • may need to be formalized, identified as such
      • liaison statements are one alternative but adds overhead, and go into closed repository
    • Continue discussion, any inputs welcome
  • Kam - OIMT plans for virtual meeting
    • 10/12-16 
  • Andrea - TAPI
    • 2.1.3 in RC1, working on some fixes this week
    • need to schedule next f2f, schedule will depend on progress, either before Aug or after Aug
      • note MEF virtual meeting planned for late July
      • will need 3-4 days
  • Note from xHaul meeting notes - Zoom is starting to be blocked by some companies due to security concerns
    • Jonathan - note same issue pushed OIF to using Webex
    • Webex had to be provided by a participating company - look for ONF solution?
  • Thorsten - xHaul group
    • working on implementation, 4-6 vendors involved, also software companies
    • making extensions based on core model, plus DMIP, equipment specs
      • generally happy with core model
    • live operation end of this week or next week
    • Telefonica and potentially other operators to follow
    • note some issues with harmonization of Netconf error messages, also some abilities for operational simplification for operators are available in Netconf but not Restconf, other issues with differences in modeling structure, several areas where harmonization is needed
    • will be recorded in DMIP or similar documents
    • working on automated tools for validating implementation

 Next Call
  •  Scheduled for 6/22

Action items