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Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative
  • Next F2F TAPI meeting: Virtual Meeting to be planned

170 mins

review of TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation_v0.9.docx

Arturo Mayoral reviews the remaining comments in TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation_v0.9.docx

Review completed.

Summary of agreements:

  1. Arturo Mayoral removes the "Rate_level" attribute of Device class (Table 32: Device object attributes required for UC4b).
  2. Arturo Mayoral recaps the agreements regarding initial state and Transitional Link, see 2020-05-12 TAPI Meeting notes, items 4 and 5.
  3. UC 5a and 5b, agreed to remove the picture related to "Client Side OLP" protection scheme.
  4. UC 5c, agreed to keep only the requirement for "_selectedConnectionEndPoint" attribute of Switch class, optional/for further evaluation the
    1. "_selectedRoute" attribute of Switch class,
    2. "_route" attribute of Connection class.
  5. UC 5c, agreed to adjust the picture to represent a 100GE Connectivity Service, supported by a protected ODU4 Connection.
  6. Arturo Mayoral asks about any required ONF format/template for the specification. Not sure we have any template. Karthik Sethuraman indicates that last year was Timon Sloane who managed ONF document numbering.
  7. Regarding the "Definitions" chapter, agreed to reuse the TAPI definitions recently added to a MEF draft specification.
    • Andrea Mazzini to update the Reference Implementation with TAPI terminology and abbreviations.
  8. Long discussion on "simplified scenario" below, agreed that current model (on the left side) does not include details of transmission functions facing the UNI. In other words, it is not described how e.g. the 10GE client signal is mapped on UNI side.
    • Agreed to add a note clarifying that this version of Reference Implementation does not include:
      1. Model of UNI aspects like physical interface coding/interface functions
      2. Model of UNI transmission functions supporting the client signals

  • Agreed to remove from Reference Implementation the "not simplified" case:

  • Nigel Davis will provide a Reference Implementation document specific for Streaming feature. This document will be a companion document of "main" Reference Implementation.
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