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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Kam Lam

  • Jonathan Sadler
  • Yun Xiang
  • Italo Busi
  • Andrea Mazzini


  • Open TST Call

Discussion items


 Madrid F2F Status
  • Planned for 5/4, but we will need to revisit this in April to see if we should still hold this as a physical meeting
    • plan on decision at next TST call but default appears to be to cancel the physical meeting
  • Note airlines may not be operating.
  • Alternative is a virtual meeting (on Madrid time) - seems like this is still OK

  • Contributing UML considered equivalent to code, impacted as otherwise blocked from github
  • However joint effort, based on joint discussion
  • CLA intended for submitters to indicate it is allowed for ONF member use
  • Italo notes github itself has some license aspects for use, also questions: includes past input?  what about comments vs. submissions?
  • Should also only apply to ONF github - Andrea - isn't github somewhat separate from ONF?
  • Should apply only to ONF members?  What about non-ONF members contributing?
  • Lyndon to send out email with questions, discuss at next call

Action items