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  • 2020-01-20 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Martin Skorupski

  • Jonathan Sadler
  • Thorsten Heinze
  • Kam Lam
  • Nigel Davis
  • Andrea Mazzini
  • Italo Busi
  • Xiang Yun


Discussion items

OIF 2020 TAPI Demo Vendor SurveyLyndon
  • OIF Vendor Survey has gone out last Friday
  • OIF Demo planned for Fall 2020
  • If people are interested but have not received the survey contact Lyndon or Jonathan (also for prevous survey results)
  • Previous OIF operator survey got 20 responses with significant interest, including interest in having both dataplane and control plane testing, meaning there needs to be at least one testing location
  • Focus on L0/L1/L2 transport but switching optional or could be layer dependent

 Wireless Transport → 5G-xHaulMartin, Thorsten 
  • 5G-xHaul 2020 Plans 
    • note scope expanded to more than radio interface but still centered on microwave device management (e.g., including L2 and IP layers)
  • Thorsten discussed informal work being done in Open Backhaul group - see on technology specific models and extensions to be contributed to TR 532

Organizer rights Andrea
  • Need to fix organizer rights - ONF seems to be in transition to zoom, but currently causing an issue - all changes need to go through ONF administration, so changes will be more difficult - special meetings/virtual meetings - can be set up on request since not often
  • Lyndon, Kam, Nigel to make sure regular calls will be supported on zoom, publish zoom details
  • Ask for "graceful closing" to allow meetings to go beyond schedule if possible
  • also who has rights to open the zoom
  • Kam or Lyndon to open the TAPI call tomorrow

Next call
Scheduled for Feb. 3 - SG15 meeting collision - postponed until 2/17

Action items