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  • 2019-11-25 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Andrea Mazzini

  • Kam Lam
  • Xiang Yun
  • Nigel Davis


Discussion items

OIF 2020 Demo PlansLyndon
  • Interest from several operators in 2020 TAPI testing
    • Including interest from 4 operators for hosting testing in their lab
    • However also interest in cloud-based implementations
  • Timeframe would be Fall 2020
  • Focus on TAPI for photonic networking, possibly ODTN-type hierarchy
  • Vendor Survey next
  • More details to be discussed at OIF's 1Q meeting in February 2020

 Other external activitiesNigel, Lyndon
  • Working with ZSM team to make them aware of our work that relates to slicing
  • O-RAN still interested in UML-to-YANG tooling work

Subproject notesKam, Nigel
  • TSIM - nothing to report
  • OIMT - having discussion with DMTF Redfish triggered by ONAP
    • They are interested in using model, aligning work

F2f in June/Madrid
  • June 8-12, sponsored by Telefonica
  • Planning will start next year
  • Ideally used for completing document review and discussing next steps
  • In the meantime there will be virtual meetings Dec. 10-12 (1 hr each day, 6-7am Eastern time)
  • Also April 13th (Monday) 3 hr virtual meeting 6-9am Eastern time

Next call
  • Dec. 9th
  • Dec. 23rd cancelled
  • Jan. 6th

Action items