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  • 2019-10-28 OTCC/OIMT TST Meeting notes
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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Thorsten

  • Stephane

  • ee and they will be notified.


Discussion items

  • OIF
    • Note have reposted TAPI 2.0 WP as ONF INFO-0006, needed reference for OIF document in progress
    • OIF planning potential interop demo in 2020 around TAPI, ODTN-type model

TSIM (Kam)

  • Things to report related to OIMT and TSIM is a heads up on three liaison statements coming from the Q12/15 & Q14/15 Joint interim meeting last week in Seoul.

    • Q14/15 LS to IEEE 802.1, cc ONF, on IM/DM modeling coordination. It thanks IEEE 802.1 for providing guidelines on how to handle the ITU-T unsupported IEEE 802.1 Qcx CFM parameters of continuity check, loopback, and link trace. It notes Q14/15’s interpretation of IEEE 802.1’s guidelines is that they can ignore those unsupported CFM parameters in the ITU-T implementation. As such, Q14/15 will take this interpretation into consideration in the ITU-T G.8052.1 model design.
    • Q12/15 & Q14/15 LS to OIMT & OTCC on Media and OTN architectures. At the July 2019 SG15 plenary, new Recommendation G.807 (ex. and Revision to G.872 (OTN architecture) were put forward for the ITU-T approval process. Copies of G.807 and G.872 will be attached with the LS.
      • Note that G.807 and G.872 are still in the AAP approval process. So this liaison is held until G.807 and G.872 complete the AAP process.
    • Q12/15 & Q14/15 LS to OIMT on network slicing. It thanks ONF for the liaison (21 October 2019 ONF OIMT Position Paper on Network Slicing) which provided a paper on the ONF OIMT position on Network Slicing and Virtual Network Concepts. In general, Q12/15 and Q14/15 support the approach outlined in the position paper.

TAPI (Stephane, Karthik)

  • working on following topics for TAPI v3
    • Resilience to support protection switching and maintenance

    • Connectivity Enhancements to support bundling

    • Photonic enhancements to support media elements (amplifier, etc)

WT (Thorsten) - discussing using "5G xHaul" as a project name - based on operator interest

  • Telefonica Transport SDN Pilot planned with controller in live network
  • Joint 5g xHaul trials/pilots - multiple operators involved (including non-ONF operators)
    • will work on prototype technology-specific model extensions that will be brought back into ONF
  • Idea is to have vendors and application providers in different operator laboratories, exchanging information
  • Looking to improve the method of testing from previous PoCs
  • Discussing widening scope beyond microwave to the full device, including Ethernet VLAN, potentially IP
  • For the applications, need to represent network topology beyond individual devices, so links, FCs based on augmentation of CIM
  • Need new project lead as Giorgio has left for a new technical area

DMIP (Thorsten)

  • Will be involved in Transport SDN Pilot as well

Next call
11/11 is the next scheduled call

Action items