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  • 2019-08-05 OTCC/OIMT TST Meeting notes
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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Kam

  • Nigel
  • Karthik
  • Andrea Mazzini
  • Italo
  • Xiang Yun
  • Thorsten


Discussion items

External Activities
  • OIF (Lyndon)
    • Discussion of next interop test, possibility of forming it around ODTN-type model with TAPI photonic model
    • Target would be next Fall (2020)
    • Possible overlap in component-level management, needs further discussion
  • O-RAN (Lyndon)
    • An Information Modeling group has been formed and are looking into ONF and ONAP methods of developing UML and YANG
      • investigating UML-to-YANG tools - could benefit from feedback from OIMT - joint call? Lyndon will check on this, also add Martin for his input
  • MEF (Andrea)
    • MEF resource common model draft in 1st round of comments, goal to bring TAPI into MEF as common resource model (along with MEF-specific extensions such as MEF 59, 72, 83 (OAM))
    • reference to ONF TAPI and allowing broader review
    • still discussion on relationship of resource model, service model and MCM, differences in purpose

Internal Activities
  • Name change: OTIM to TSIM (Transport Specific Information Model) (Kam)
    • addresses some confusion between OTIM and OIMT
    • web page has been updated: TSIM (former OT-IM)
    • generally agreed
  • TAPI (Karthik)
    • will start working on 3.0 now that 2.2 has been approved
  • TSIM (Kam)
    • received liaisons from ITU-T SG15
      • SG15-LS203: To OIMT & OTCC. Sharing of ITU-T Q14/15 information models, which are downloadable from
        • Draft G.875 (OTN) v4.02; Draft G.8052 (Ethernet) v3.01; Draft G.8052.1 (Ethernet OAM IM & DM) v0.09; and Draft G.8052.2 (Ethernet Resilience IM & DM) v0.06.
      • SG15-LS188: To IEEE 802.1 and cc OIMT & OTCC and other SDOs
        • Request IEEE 802.1 to provide default values in the CFM YANG modules for the attributes that ITU-T G.8013 doesn’t support
        • Invite SDOs (IEEE 802.1, IEEE 802.3, ONF, MEF, IETF, BBF) to join the coordination virtual meetings on information and data modeling. Dates: 2019 September 9; November 11; 2020 January 13.
    • note ITU-T SG15 initiated the approval process of G.807 (ex G.meda) "Generic functional architecture of the optical media network" and G.872 "Architecture of the optical transport network (OTN)"
    • note SG15 Q2 sent liaison SG15-LS196 to SEBA, need target person
  • WT (Thorsten)
    • discussing technology-specific work, technical issues to be added to model
  • DMIP (Thorsten)
    • discussing how to handle small format pluggable
    • any impact on core model? currently looks OK, but Thorsten will forward documents to NIgel for additional review to see if, for example, anything should be fed back into the core
  • OIMT (Nigel, Kam)
    • now have open git repository for the core model v1.4
    • will be organized similarly to TAPI git repository
    • liaisons and ITU-T models will continue to be separate (closed)
  Future Planning 

Action items