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  • 2019-06-24 OIMT/OTCC TST Meeting notes
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Discussion items

External Activities
  • Nothing new to report
 Subproject Activities 

TAPI (Karthik & Andrea)

  • Release 2.2 RC2 out, so far not much change - may make this official
  • Note has YANG but not OpenAPI due to issues with tooling for OpenAPI - can we add OpenAPI in minor release?
    • current tool is not up to date, may be better for people to use other tools
  • Concern expressed with moving ahead with RC2 without OpenAPI, even if not perfect - noting the issues
  • Suggestion to review this also in TAPI call to see if any other points come up
  • Note due to interactions with ODTN, brought issue to Netmod about who provides key (REST vs. Restconf issue) - initial feedback is client should create the key and provide this to server, server may or may not honor this - any attribute as key is provided by the client - Nigel asks if might be helpful if both keys are provided back by server - however issue was more with client not wanting to have to provide key

WT (Giorgio) and DMIP (Thorsten)

  • nothing new to report

 OTIM (Kam)

  • IEEE 802.1Qcx CFM YANG:
    • New version (2019.05.31) CFM YANG. Changes w.r.t. the previous 2019.04.05 version
      • In the ieee802-dot1q-cfm.yang module, list loopback-reply was deleted.
        • Reason: IEEE 802.1Q-2018 doesn’t allow Loopback with a multicast DA.
          • Q if this can be made available to ONF - Kam to check on this
          • Thorsten interested in VLAN definition
          • Karthik - please look over the TAPI Ethernet - feedback would be helpful
        • ITU-T G.8013 supports multicast DA for Loopback. So list loopback-reply will be supported in G.8052.1
    • Minor and editorial updates in the ieee802-dot1q-cfm-types.yang and ieee802-dot1q-cfm-bridge.yang modules. No change in the ieee802-dot1q-cfm-mip.yang module.
  • ITU-T G.8052.1 UML & YANG:
    • Discussed the Meg Identifier datatype proposal (also contributed to the July SG15 meeting), which models the IEEE format types 1 through 4 and ITU-T format types 32 & 33. Comment received on format type 32. The feedback will be raised at the SG15 meeting.

Planning PrepKam/NigelSee OIMT planning page

Next Call/Meeting

Next call scheduled for July 1

  • planning prep call - Nigel will run this

Action items

  • Nigel Davis to run next week call
  • Need to clarify Huawei status - Lyndon to contact Timon