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  • 2019-06-10 OTCC/OIMT TST Meeting notes
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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Andrea Mazzini

  • Malcolm Betts
  • Nigel Davis
  • Kam Lam
  • Xiang Yun


Discussion items

Recap Virtual F2F Meeting
  • Timing - extra time was critical to have full discussion and resolution
  • Time zone - great for California, OK for UK - last section very late for Europe and others
  • Aim for 1/month? 1/couple months? multiple days in a row for consistency. Multiple days may be difficult for some.
  • Sharing results via wiki was useful
  • Presenters should make their mobile numbers available to grab people on time
  • Participants need to clear their schedules or pick dates when time is available, as if traveling, agenda needs to be fully planned, contributions ready
  • Multiscreen and whiteboard in future calls? Whiteboard would be good for clarifications (Zoom has this)
    • emulate coffee discussion?
  • Shortening by 1 section could help with time zones
  • Rotate time zones
  • Next one - probably not until after ONFConnect due to summer activities, so plan out at September f2f
  • how often - 3 f2f and 3 virtual? migrate to 2 f2f.
  External Activities Notes 

 ONF Connect and F2F

  • Plan is to have a separate F2F close by, allowing people to switch between the two as needed
  • See OIMT F2F meeting page for further details as they come out
  • Need to get clarifications from ONF on participation - given current situation (see if we can get call with Timon and others) - hosting is an issue

Subproject Notes

Tapi updates: (Karthik)
- TAPI 2.2-RC2 released, RC3 planned next week
- entire day TAPI virtual workshop held last week
-- main focus of the workshop was topology and connectivity enhancements for TAPI 3.0

For OTIM (Kam)

  • No additional progress respect to the status reported 2 weeks ago.
  • The next IM/DM coordination call hosted by Q14/15 will be on June 17. ONF has been invited to participate.
    • Will continue the gap analysis between the 802.1Qcx YANG and G.8021 IM-signals.
    • Kam plans to share his proposal of the MEG ID attribute new datatype, which will be a structured datatype that can indicates the format types (including ITU-T types 32 & 33 and IEEE types 1 through 4), and also the content (sub-fields) of the MEG ID values.

Wireless Transport (Giorgio) - no new events to report

Next Call & Planning
  • Note O-RAN meeting June 17-21
  • Note ITU-T will be July 1-12 (next after that will be Jan '20)
  • Now that the TST calls are combined, we will go to a schedule where every other week is a full TST, in between will have planning only calls
    • next week will be planning only
  • Planning results will be on OIMT conference call schedule page
  • Plan to use Gotomeeting, backup will be Nigel's zoom

Action items