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  • 2019-05-27 OTCC/OIMT TST Meeting notes
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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Thorsten Heinze

  • Kam Lam
  • Martin Skorupski
  • Italo Busi
  • Andrea Mazzini
  • Xiang Yun
  • Stephane St. Laurent
  • Tracy van Brakle


Discussion items

  External Activities Lyndon

OIF Liaison

  • presented at OIF and accepted
  • updates to the OIF Integrated Packet/Optical SDN document being made

ONF Connect

  • Santa Clara, September 10-13 - still call for proposals for presentation

 ONF Monthly Highlights

  • let me know anything to report


TAPI: (Karthik)

- Released 2.2.0-RC2 and 2.1.2 (bug fix) last week
—- mainly includes bug fixes and ETH OAM updates (based on MEF feedback)
- currently discussing TAPI 3.0 items, mainly on Topology abstraction cases
—- partitioning abstraction v/s view abstraction v/s Layer abstraction
—- semi-transparent Node v/s Opaque Node
—- also discussing alignment/augmentation of TAPI topology to IETF topology (RFC 8345)
- another 3.0 discussion items include ConnectivityService enhancements to support multiple operations bundled in a single request.
- Yang related 3.0 item is whether to retain RPCs for CRUDS operations (in favor of just RESTConf Data tree)

WT: (Giorgio)

  • analyzing the open issues for TR-532

DMIP: (Thorsten)

  • discussing technology specific models

For OTIM: (Kam)

Q14/15 Ethernet OAM IM/DM coordination meeting held on May 20, with participants from IEEE 802.1, MEF, ONF, and SG15

  • Changes in the latest Draft G.8052.1 were presented: explicitly define the G.8052.1 measurement job control, current data, and history data classes, which prune/refactor from the G.8052 defined measurement job control, current data, history data classes.
  • In the discussion of gap analysis between the IEEE CFM YANG and the ITU-T G.8021 MI signals, it was agreed to propose update to G.8052 for the MEG ID to (1) allow configuration for the MEG ID subfields (CC – country code, ICC – ITU carrier code, & UMC – unique MEG ID code) and (2) support the IEEE MA format types 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Will continue the gap analysis and resolution discussion in the June 17 coordination meeting.
  • The targeted approval date of G.8052.1 will deferred from July 2019 to January 2020 as IEEE 802.1Qcx will not be approved by July yet.

Virtual Meeting
Virtual F2F whole day meeting
  • Plan the first one
    • Date: 3 June Monday
    • Time: start 09:00 PT - 18:00 PT (future virtual meetings will probably rotate timeslot)
    • Focus on TAPI Topology and ConnectivityService
    • Tracy - include a short slot on 5G-related work? Lyndon to check with Karthik on agenda
    • Logistic:

Next TST Call

Monday, June 10, 7am US Pacific Time

Future f2f meetings:

  • Note previously planned London f2f in December has been cancelled
  • 3Q f2f will not be co-located with ONF Connect but close by to allow commuting - host tbd - 9/9-13 - joint OIMT/OTCC
    • note to Timon - US locations are becoming difficult for some participants to attend

Action items