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  • 2019-03-18~22 OIMT & OTCC Sydney Meeting notes
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Date: 18 - 22 March 2019

Meeting Host: Cisco 

Meeting Venue: Cisco North Sydney, Level 24 / 177 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, New South Wales 2060, Australia


Agenda plan: Agenda Plan of 2019 March 18-22 ONF OIMT & OTCC Sydney Meeting


DayPeriodTopic (Lead & Work Item)Note and action item



  • C9 Job model (CH #57)
  • ONF_T57_JobTask.pptx
  • How AWS IoT Works. AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Mistral is an open source scheduler.
    • Two options: (1) Direct workflow (procedural) and (2) Reverse workflow (intent based)
  • Netflix Conductor UML equivalent (Cloud Orchestrator)
  • Relationship between Workflow and Task. Task is opaque (node), Workflow is transparent (topology); recursive
  • Model of control, the infrastructure
  • TR-512.8 model already has a task entity
  • Streaming is relevant to cloud and related the Job model
  • Next steps:
    • Chris Hartley Action: Determine how Job / Task is related to the cloud computing infrastructure, make sure our ONF model is relevant to that.
    • Chris Hartley Action: Develop the Job / Task model in this context
    • Nigel Davis Action: To evolve TR512.8 model in conjunction with the model developed by Chris
  • C7 Identity model (CH #41)
  • ONF_T41_IdentityImplementation.pptx
  • Task 41 Scope - Identity implementation (Lead=ND)
  • To improve the way that identity and other common attributes are represented in the model
  • Exclude TAPI at this stage
  • Suggest to get rid of the subclasses, still keep the name attribute,
  • uuid: identify thing in the free space, e.g., LTP, detector
  • Suggestion: on slide 6
  • Agreed to identify "local class" (e.g., port) by using uuid
  • T8 Link capacity (MB)
  • oimt2019.MB.001_representation-of-capacity.docx (MB)
    • Reviewed again in the context of TAPI Virtual Network and Complex state
    • Malcolm BettsNigel Davis Action: Identity where in the documentation to document capacity and construct appropriate sections.
    • Malcolm Betts Action: Propose update to TR-512.4 v1.4 to describe complex state.
  • MapperPattern.pptx
    • Name Mapper
    • As example, take a link resource model and show with applying the Mapper function. The mapper function needs to understand the relationship among the resources and relate the resources.
    • 2 step of mapping (Use case of using the mapping function)
      • Gain insight about the link (Lx) from the info at the ends (ports) and use this to construct the link
      • Gain insight about relationship between links (L1 & L2) and combine them (L1+L2), for some purposes in some context
  • T1 Connectivity & Topology (KS, AM)
  • T3 Topology Pac (ND)
  • Nigel Davis Action: Work on the existing risk/pac to make example relevant to TAPI and develop document for TAPI
  • Nigel Davis Action: Develop Cost example for TAPI using a path computation use case and then develop document for TAPI
  • Nigel Davis Action: Develop Latency example for TAPI using a path computation use case and then develop document for TAPI
  • Nigel Davis Action: Explore possible generalization of Latency
  • Many of these parameters must be provided by the planning systems etc. from the operator
  • Transfer Timing and Transfer Integrity have technology varieties,
    • ES, SES, UAS,
    • Frame Loss Ratio (FLR),
    • Frame Delay (FD), FD Variation (FDV),
  • T6 TAPI VN (KS, ND)
  • Nigel Davis Action: New work item to investigate expressing constraint for range or target
  • Nigel Davis Action: Develop the lifecycle of intent request from highly abstract to specific through negotiation for both access and connectivity services in the context of the Core and the TAPI models.
  • Agreed that we don't need any special object to represent VN.



  • T12 Photonic connectivity (AM, KS)
  • oimt2019.AM.001_TAPI PhotonicConnectivityModel.pptx (AM)
  • Presented before but not finished yet.
  • Issue with terminology and possible redundancies
  • Statements on Photonic Connectivity
    • Q-MB: Slide 3, 3rd bullet, #1: how come central frequency only? how about width?
      • Rewrite #1 to: Bandwidth only and number of signals
    • Case 1 (slide 4 is referring to #1 of slide 3)

      • 2e2 should be edge-to-edge (i.e., from add/drop port to add/drop port)
      • Granularity and monitor
    • Case 1b: Request BW (not central frequency) for 3 CSEP (3 OSTi)
    • Case 2: Request central freq and spectrum, this case the line system has no freedom
    • Case 3: Just pre-provision the spectrum (slots)
      • Agreed these are valid use cases. Consistent with those in G.807 (media-archi) and G.876 (media-mgmt)
      • Req for 3 spectrums → (a) 1 MCA CEP → MCs →
      • Req for 3 spectrums → (b) 3 MC CEPs → MCs →
  • Disagreement regarding need MCA Connection or not
    • ND/MB/SSL: need MCA Connection;
    • KS/AM: don't need MCA Connection
    • Discussion continued on session 4.3
  • T9 ML Transitional link (AM)
  • Karthik Sethuraman Andrea Mazzini Action: Publish the slides on the TAPI document wiki page
    • Need clear up and clarification prior publication: e.g., ODU4 is not layer but rate, ...
  • C14 Datatype (All)
  • C4 TOSCA profile (CH #55, #26?)
  • C1 Equipment (ND #8)
  • Convert to data type
    • AbstractStrand, ExpectedEquipment, ActualEquipment, ExpectedHolder, ActualHolder, ExpectedNonFieldReplaceableModule, HolderCommonPropertyPac,
  • Agreement:
    • PhysicalContext at the top. It contains
      • a specialized ConstraintDomain (device) that
        • owns (composes) Equipment and AccessPort
      • a PhysicalSpan
    • AccessPort remain as a class;
      • AccessPort is included in the equipment model
      • References a Connector;
      • AccessPort augments (specifies) NEP
    • PhysicalSpan augments (specifies) Link
    • Allow relationship between PhysicalSpan and device to be in terms of connector and pin or just connector
  • C1 Equipment (ND #8)



  • T12 Alarm/TCA Notification/OamProfile Framework (KS, AM)
  • Need to alarm and TCA notification, but don't need the general notification.
  • OAM profile: need to support TCA threshold, ASAP
  • Use declaration (specify), not composition
  • Extend notification types with Alarm event and TCA event
  • Extensible Alarm Probable Causes and PM parameter names,
  • PM parameter datatype
  • Dropping using RPC will be in TAPI 3.x, not in 2.x; Using Action will be in 3.x
  • Decision on modeling PmParameter
    • Use enumeration for PmParameterName,
    • Use generic representation for value
  • Change "Probable Cause" to "detected condition". Condition of specific technologies are defined in the standards, e.g., OTN in G.874, Carrier Ethernet in G.8051, and MPLS-TP in G.8151.
  • Karthik Sethuraman Action: Action: Update TAPI 2.2 PM parameters (G.8052 and MEF 35.1) for TCA & Threshold Profile per the above agreement for generic TapiOam and TapiEth models
  • Andrea Mazzini Action: Update TAPI 2.2 Alarm Condition (G.8051 fXXX in Clause 7) for Ethernet
  • Andrea Mazzini Action: Update TAPI 2.x Alarm Condition and TCA for photonic and ODU (fXXXX in G.874 clasue 7) and ODU PM (Clause xxx G.874)
  • Karthik Sethuraman Action: Update and post slide deck
  • Chris Hartley Action: investigate an approach using generics representation of value to cover integer & real types.
  • Nigel Davis Action: Provide example of how an ordinary UML attribute can be used as an alternative to identity and value
  • T4, T5 (& C11) Catalog driven API & Operation pattern (KS, ND)

Catalog driven TAPI (KS)

  • TAPI interface / operations → YANG RPC tree
  • Require augmenting both Data tree and RCP tree (augment the parameters of the rpc operation)
  • Short term resolution: not to use RPC in general, only use RPC as needed
  • MEF ONAP API: API Metadata (base type, type, ref type), Legato define header class
  • TAPi to augment the base type,
  • UML to JSON schema
  • RFC 8040 JSON meta data encoding example
  • 7959
  • Chris:
  • Nigel Davis Action: consider relationship between Catalog and ExposureContext

Catalog driven API and Operation pattern (ND)

  • Nigel Davis Action : Work on how our model can plug into Amazon SAGE and Google equivalence
  • Nigel Davis Action : Refine structure of the operation pattern showing relationship to catalog
  • Nigel Davis Action : Link up the operation model with the ONAP API, Ex TAPI
  • Nigel Davis Action : In documentation, describe the relationship between the operation pattern model with the Control model
  • Karthik Sethuraman Action : For TAPI 3.0, remove interface operations related to CRUDS pattern, update UML-YANG tool to generate appropriate YANG Actions for the CRUDS pattern. (Note: "S" means "Search")
  • C2 LTP Port (ND #53)
  • LTP & LtpPort
  • Agreement:
    • Rename Ltp to LtpPort, create new Ltp class, with appropriate associations
    • Do not add LP Port. Doesn't need to be modeled.

Discussion on Enhanced LTP Specification from v1.4 raise question about "Occurrence"

  • Nigel Davis Action: explain the Occurrence with examples (OIMT call on April 4), showing how the use of Occurrence can cause instantiation of instance structure.
  • Andrea Mazzini Nigel Davis Action: Write a forwarding Spec for the following example
    • OVC: (1) ENI-ENNI, (2) ENNI-UNI, (3) ENNI-ENNI
  • C3 IP model (KL #9, #53)
  • Hing-Kam Lam Action: Map Routing IP YANG into UML to see how it fits with the Core model.
  • C6 Model refactoring (CH/ND #13)
  • For TR-512 v2.0 Separate model into: CoreNetwork model, Equipment model, Software model, Control model, ...
    • Update documents to remove "Core" from CoreNetworkModel
  • In a model, group the artifacts into packages and in parallel develop the rule for grouping/packaging (to be included in the modeling Guidelines)
    • For example, for the CoreNetworkModel: Forwarding packages (which include FD, FC, FcProt, Casc, ....), Ltp package, ...
    • Model can have sub-model
    • Example of packaging
  • Consider the Naming strategy using the ONF URI
  • diagram comment goes into the package of the diagram.



  • T2 Routing constraint (AM)
  • Slide: otcc2019.AM.003.01-Routing.pptx
  • Resilience support
    • Agreed to add "Grades of Impact" like parameter to RoutingConstraint class, with one more enum for "hour"
    • ResilienceConstraint Protection type needs to be abstract and flexible to cover various cases of frequency and duration.
      • Not preferred.
    • CEPs ending protection schemes. For further study
  • Connectivity framework agreements
    • Recursive reference to be reconsidered as TopologyConnection
    • TopologyConstraint: replace "include" and "exclude" with a weighted list (0 is neutral, positive weight means preferred, negative weight means not preferred)
    • Change "Service level" to "Class of Service Name"
    • Remove "routeDirection", add direction to "ConnectivityService"
  • C8 Streaming (ND #39)
  • Nigel Davis Action: Provide detail documentation on schema definition,
  • Nigel Davis Action: provide demonstration of running streaming with rudimentary TAPI structure
  • Resolve photonic model disagreement (T12)

Continue Tuesday photonic discussion to resolve Disagreement regarding need MCA Connection or not

  • ND/MB/SSL: need MCA Connection;
  • KS/AM: don't need MCA Connection


  • All local participants at the meeting agreed:
    • The MCA can be represented by the Connectivity Service, no need for explicit connection to represent a MCA
      • The MCA relationship between MCs can be carried by simple index
    • This can be generalized for all forwarding technologies, i.e., there is no need for an additional FC to mirror a connectivity service!
    • Reviewed and eventually agreed the following slides:
  • C13 Profile & Template (ND #57)
  • Chris Hartley Nigel Davis Action: Develop model fragment to support Telefonica Germany requirements in the context of the broader requirements for profile and template



  • C5 Spec re-work (ND #37)

Deferred to OIMT call on 2019 April 4th.

  •  Review of work item XLS & F2F action items (KL)

Deferred to OIMT call on 2019 April 4th.

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