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OwnerDaniela Spreafico 


This issue had been part of the former entry "#30, #33, #34: PerformanceMeasurementControl " in the decision register.

It was marked "Decided", but did not contain any text describing the decision.

At the end, there was not enough time for discussing and deciding about the issue

Endless Ethernet counters as measurement values will not be part of TR-532 v1.1

Issue#34 remains open.


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker

DescriptionOn the current ONF TR-532 1.0 MW model the Microwave Ethernet Performance Data are supported on EthernetContainerCurrentPerformance and EthernetContainerHistoricalPerformances classes of MW_EthernetContainer_Pac (using ContainerPerformanceType type definiton).

The need is to report also some ethernet counters as Ethernet statistics (free values not reset at each period).
A proposal could be to add the following new attributes on EthernetContainerStatus class:

- txEthernetBytes
- txEthernetFrames
- txEthernetDiscardedFrames