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  • #35: Net Bandwidth / Operative Bandwidth
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Due date
OwnerDaniela Spreafico 


There was not enough time for discussing and deciding about the issue

Capacity values will not be part of TR-532 v1.1

Issue#35 remains open.


Content of the Mantis Bug Tracker:

DescriptionThe need is to have an indication of
- the current net bandwidth (or capacity in Mb/s) related to a single radio channel (MW_AirInterface_Pac instance);
- the value of operative bandwidth (in Mb/s) available on a radio link boundle, whatever it is the radio link composition (1+1 protection, 2+0, link aggregation of more than 2 radio modules).
The current net bandwidth (Mb/s) is the net capacity related to the current modulation.
The operative bandwidth (Mb/s) is the net capacity taking in account the sum of the net capacity of each radio module on a radio link and the decrease of the bandwidth due to any reason (configuration for limitation).
The only information available on th current ONF TR-532 1.0 model is the codeRateCur but nothing regarding the capacity in Mb/s.
The proposal could be to add a new attribute to AirInterfaceStatus:
o netBitRateCur (Mb/s) or txCapacityCur
and on MW_EthernetContainer_Pac
o operativeBitRate (Mb/s)