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OwnerDanilo Pala 


Adding a new duplexDistanceList:Integer[*] attribute with "Distance between transmitted and received frequency. To be filled with single value, in case duplex distance is not variable. To be filled with all configurable values, in case duplex distance is variable." as comment to the ChannelPlanType data type.

NOT deleting the existing ChannelPlanType::duplexDistance attribute to keep backward compatibility, but setting the stereotype "deprecated".

Keeping Issue#39 open until updating TR-532 without backward compatibility requirement and deleting the ChannelPlanType::duplexDistance attribute then.

(A configuration value for the Duplex distance is not required, because tx frequency and rx frequency can already be configured independently.)


Content of the Mantis Bug Tracker:

DescriptionSome devices are able to operate several duplex-distance into the same range of frequencies.

Current microwave-model do not allow to set the duplex distance the device must to operate at.

A potential solution might be to provide a list of supported duplex distance in air-interface-capabilities and a object in the air-interface-configuration to select the wanted duplex distance.