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  • #22: Description of allocation of TDM containers on HybridMwStructures
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Content of the Mantis Bug Tracker:

DescriptionComments within the UML are insufficient and are to be revised.
TR document should give better additional guidance.

The meaning of HybridMwStructureConfiguration::numberOfTdmSegmentsToBeReserved (=reduction of the Ethernet segment) should be explained better.

That any increase of the value of the HybridMwStructureConfiguration::numberOfTdmSegmentsToBeReserved attribute leads to a additional instances within the HybridMwStructureStatus::segmentStatusList should be described.

It has to be explained that an automatism inside the mediator/device has to assure that associating a TDM container instance with a HybridMwStructure instance leads to a "true" entry within the SegmentStatusType::segmentIsReservedForTdm attribute of the lowest instance within the HybridMwStructureStatus::segmentStatusList, which is not yet booked by another container.