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OwnerThorsten Heinze


Ammending the comment of the AirInterface::AirInterfaceCapability::atpcRange attribute by "This value represents a device specific maximum value. The actual range of the ATPC at a specific link might be limited by the difference between configured transmit power (AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::txPower) and minimum transmit power of the device (TypeDefinitions::TransmissionModeType::txPowerMin)."


Adding an AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::atpcTxPowerMin:Integer attribute with the comment "Transmit power, which is not to be undercut, while operating ATPC."


Proposal consisting in addition of a parameter configurable by operator for the minimum power to be considered (instead of the absolute minimum power from the equipment);

See details in the attached slide:



1 Comment

  1. After the WT call of 20/06 the following offline clarifications have been provided:

    - if there is no support for the parameter, it is enough to put the parameter to a default value (that in the specific case could be '-99' or the txPowerMin).
    - it is not requested to vendors to include this parameter if not supported