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  • #17: Serialization of NETCONF bulk requests
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OwnerThorsten Heinze 


Closing issue#17 without further activity.

(Issue has been addressed in the Device Management Interface Profile sub project: The Netconf Interface implements a declarative principle, which means that the target configuration is expressed and it is left to the device to determine a way to implement this target.)


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker:

DescriptionSome configuration requests necessarly affect several attributes (e.g. adaptiveModulationIsOn, modulationMin, modulationMax).

A corresponding NETCONF bulk request has to be serialized in mediators, which are translating into e.g. SNMT.

Depending on the composition of configuration commands within the bulk, different ordering leads to different result.

TR-532 to be amended to rule out such ambiguity.

A potential solution might be prescribing the serialization to be made according to the order of the attributes within the UML modeling.