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  • #16: linkId or remoteAirInterfaceName for building links from two air interfaces
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OwnerThorsten Heinze 


Adding an additional AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::remoteAirInterfaceName attribute for identifying the air interface, which belongs to the same link, at the remote site.


Content from the Mantis Bugtracker:

DescriptionAdding an additional attribute in AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration for identifying the two air interfaces, which are belonging to the same link.

Two alternative options have already been discussed:

1) linkId : the value of linkId would have to be identical in both air interfaces, but appart from that unique within the Network

2) remoteAirInterfaceName : the value of remoteAirInterfaceName would have to be identical with the value of airInterfaceName of the second air interface belonging to the same link. The values of remoteAirInterfaceName and airInterfaceName would both have to be unique within the network.